About aliases

You can set up additional e-mail addresses (so called aliases) in the settings menu of the mailbox.org web interface. All e-mails sent to these aliases are being delivered to your inbox. They are simple handled like an additional e-mail-address within your exisiting account. It is so also possible to use aliases as alternative sender addresses. Replies or new e-mails directed to these addresses are going to get delivered to the same inbox.

Depending on the plan, it is possible to specify up to 25 @mailbox.org-aliases and up to 200 aliases with custom domains:

Depending on your plan, you have different limits on how many aliases can be set up:

  • LIGHT plan: up to 3 @mailbox.org-aliases. Aliases with custom domains are only available within team accounts
  • STANDARD plan: up to 25 @mailbox.org-aliases and up to 50 aliases with custom domains
  • PREMIUM plan: up to 25 @mailbox.org-aliases and up to 200 aliases with custom domains.

How to set up aliases

  • navigate to "Settings" (1)
  • select "mailbox.org" (2)
  • then head to "E-mail Aliases" (3)
  • enter the name of your new alias (4)
  • add an additonal memo regarding your alias (5) (optional)
  • press "Add" when finished (6).

That's it. Your new alias is ready to use!

Figure 1: Setting up aliases at Settings → mailbox.org → E-mail Aliases.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use mail-extensions like "address+keyword@mailbox.org"?

  • Yes, this “plus”-extensions work both with your main mailbox.org address as well as with your aliases. Also, these extensions do not count towards your regular alias limit, because they are generated dynamically. Note that if you would like to archive e-mails automatically into a folder, this folder must have been created beforehand. Here is more information about it.

I like an alias even better than my current main e-mail address. Can I use it permanently?

Sure you can. Simply head over to Settings (1), select mailbox.org (2), and then E-mail Aliases (Figure 1) to choose your new main address. Hit save and remember to change your login credentials the next time you log in to your account, since you now have to use the new address for logging in.

How can I specify the alias being used as sender e-mail address?

  • When you compose a new e-mail using the mailbox.org web interface, you can see a drop-down menu in the lower left-hand-side of the page. Simply choose an alias from this menu before sending.
  • In external e-mail clients, an alias can usually be defined or set up as a new “identity”.

Can someone else use my alias after is being deleted?

Can I use aliases with domains from other e-mail providers, such as my.name@gmail.com?

  • Using aliases with domains from other e-mail providers within mailbox.org is technically not possible. However, you may configure an automatic download of these messages via POP3 in your mailbox.org settings. This also enables you to use the address as an "alternative sender" in mailbox.org to send messages with this alias identity.

Can I migrate an existing alias into a dedicated mailbox? 

  • No, unfortunately not. If you have an existing alias, for instance for your partner or your children, and then decide later that they should have their own inbox - the only thing you can do is to delete the alias and then try to register a new account using the previous alias address, as soon as this becomes available again.