When you create a new account at mailbox.org, we do need a full name to process the registration. However, we won't actually check your identity at any time, hence stating an arbitrary pseudonym here will be sufficient. This means anonymous registration at mailbox.org is absolutely possible.

Why there is a need for a name

Through the web interface, users have the ability to work together with others, for instance when editing or sharing files and tasks. Hence, the underlying office software will require some kind of identifier for the persons involved, as they are simultaneously editing a document, say. The same applies for calendars, for example when making appointments – naturally, this will only work if there is some name that can be displayed.

Billing & tax

Some of our customers would like to include the expenses for their mailbox.org account in their tax returns. If this applies to you, please state your real name during registration. Our system processes all payments automatically and will use the given contact details for an account to produce a formal invoice – again, automatically. Note that it is not possible to have invoices amended after they have been issued.