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Synchronization with Google is not working

Problems can occur when syncing accounts with Google services: Google blocks access from This issues an error message in the Office interface, indicating that the access data is incorrect.

The Google security settings display a notice indicating that a login attempt has been blocked. Access can be specifically allowed for a short period of time using a link ( After this period has elapsed, you must attempt to subscribe to Google again. After this, the synchronization should function properly.

Google users who have activated ‘two-factor authentication’ must enter an ‘application-specific password’ for in the ‘Security’ area of the Google account settings. Use this password instead of the standard Google access data.

Note: We are not yet certain whether this method can be used to enable Google synchronization on a permanent basis. We have heard success stories from users for whom this method has worked permanently. Other users have reported that Google blocked access again after a certain period of time. We are still in the process of examining the issue more closely.