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How do I terminate my account

We’re sad to hear you wish to cancel your e-mail account with us. If you could please provide feedback for us it would be much appreciated as that will allow us to improve our service.
Maybe we can resolve your issues, or at least improve our service for other users in the future. Does our support structure need improving, or do you have any requests or suggestions? We’d love to address any problems together with you.

Please do not cancel your account, if you only want to change your main address. Instead, just create a new alias. You can switch your main address to this alias and so you will keep all your data and settings.

If you cancel your account, your main address and any aliases will be blocked for at least 90 days. The blocking period increases depending on the age of the account. This means that a new registration using these mail addresses is not possible. With this we actively protect you e.g. against identity theft.

If your decision to cancel your account is final, you can terminate the agreement at any point before the end of the current billing month. Please go to the Office interface under Settings -> -> Cancel Account.

Please note that we can't offer you a refund for your payment.

You can donate your remaining credit to one of the charitable organisation we suggest during the cancellation process. Thanks a lot!