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Do-It-Yourself Migration

If you would prefer not to use the Audriga migration service, you can also transfer your data to us yourself. There are a few things you will need to know.


There are two ways you can transfer your e-mails to us: You can either link the external mailbox directly to our Office or you can transfer your e-mails over to us manually. To do this, set up your old mailbox and your new mailbox in your local e-mail program (e.g., Mozilla Thunderbird). Create any missing mailbox folders in your mailbox. Then drag and drop the e-mails from your old mailbox to the new one. Depending on the volume and size of your e-mails, the transfer can take some time.

Appointments and Addresses

The easiest way to transfer appointments and addresses is to synchronize them using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet). The most reliable way is to use CalDAV and CardDAV to transfer the data. For more information, please also read the instructions for your mobile device.

Alternatively, you can import dates and addresses as a file. Just select the appropriate category (calendar, address book, etc.) in your Office and then click ‘Help’ in the settings. You can find a description on how to import data using a file here.

Note: It is not possible to subscribe to external calendars on the Web interface. If you would like to do so, please use your mobile device or computer.