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Divide or unite Team Mail accounts - formerly known as Family Accounts

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

Heads-up: We cannot divide or unite Team Mail accounts (formerly family accounts) for you without damaging them.
However, you may follow the below described method in order to move your account manually.
Please note that shared resources like file shares or calendar shares might lose their functionality.

If you delete the main account having joint billing enabled, all connected accounts are going to be deleted as well. Any existing contract for a sub-account is also going to be deleted.

Step 1 – release your e-mail address

  1. Make sure to back-up all your e-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and drive data of your mailbox.

  2. Create a new alias for your mailbox:
    "Settings -> -> E-Mail-Aliases"

  3. Convert the recently created e-mail alias to your main identity:
    "Settings -> -> E-Mail-Aliases -> Change main address?"

  4. Log out.

  5. Log in with your new main address.

  6. Now you can delete the formerly used e-mail alias from the list of your aliases:
    "Settings -> -> E-Mail-Aliases -> -> delete"

  7. Now purge the former main address from the blacklist for new registrations.
    "Settings -> -> E-Mail-Aliases -> remove deleted aliases from the blacklist for new registrations"

  8. In case you want to move other aliases, please repeat steps (6) and (7) accordingly.

  9. Log out.

Step 2 – Creation of your new account

You now may proceed to do the following with your former main e-mail address:

Finishing up you should restore the data from bullet point 1. to your new account or add the deleted alias from bullet point 8. to your account.

Step 3 – deleting your old account

Once you’re sure that all the data has been transferred correctly or backed up, you may proceed to delete it.
"Settings -> -> Cancel Account"