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Can I use aliases with Guard

Our Guard will only ever use one active key pair for your account, namely the one marked “current” in the Guard PGP Settings. The same key will be used for all your e-mail aliases when you open any encrypted messages sent by other Guard users.

If you use an e-mail alias when sending an e-mail, then this message will be encrypted as usual. Guard will use your current encryption key for signing the e-mail, as it would if you sent it using your main e-mail address.

Guard does only support generating or uploading a single key pair for your main e-mail address. However, it is possible to use the main address for logging in only and then an alias address for e-mail communication. In order to create or upload the necessary keys for your alias address, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings → → E-mail Aliases and create an e-mail alias in case you have not done so yet.
  2. On the same settings page, select the created alias as your main address. Don't worry, this is only temporary.
  3. Now, visit the key management page for Guard under Settings → Guard PGP Settings and generate a new pair of encryption keys for this e-mail address (or upload existing keys, if you have any). Make sure the Guard password you use to secure the new private key is the same as that which you used for the old key! If this is the case, then you can delete the old key pair afterwards.
  4. Go back to e-mail alias management and set your proper e-mail address (the one that was previously selected) as main address for the account. This is necessary so that you can log in to using your main address.