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Account Articles

📄️ Changing the accounts main e-mail address

So you created a account and now you would like to change your main e-mail address? No problem at all – our developers have just added a feature that allows designating any existing alias as the account’s main e-mail address. The feature can be found in the account configuration section: After login, click on the cogwheel symbol in the upper right corner of the interface, and then go to “Settings → → E-Mail Aliases”. Once an alias has been created, it can then simply be selected as the account’s main address via the drop-down menu provided.

📄️ What is an alias and how do I use it

If you're seeking more flexibility in creating and managing email addresses or need specific addresses for particular purposes, consider using aliases at They can assist you in effortlessly generating additional email addresses, thereby protecting your primary address from spam or misuse. Much like disposable addresses, with email aliases, you can permanently establish separate email addresses for specific use cases. We'll detail how this technically works and how it can enhance your privacy, security, and inbox organization.