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Using catch-all alias with own domain

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

Users of can configure their e-mail account to operate with a custom domain name, and we have been asked if catch-all would work in this scenario. In short, the answer is yes!

What is catch-all?

Catch-all means that there is an alias set up for the domain such that all messages sent to any e-mail user of that domain (the address part before the ‘@’) will be received and stored in your inbox, regardless of whether the specified e-mail address actually exists or not.

Why is catch-all useful?

Because all messages sent to your domain will be captured, catch-all provides you with a virtually unlimited amount of valid e-mail addresses to use with different people or web shops, for example. By looking up the recipient address of incoming spam e-mails it may then be possible to determine exactly which website or person has leaked or lost your e-mail information to third parties. An application of this is of course the filtering of such spam sent to specific addresses without having to create actual e-mail accounts for these. Another simple and practical use is to make sure all communication sent to a domain is received even if the sender has made a mistake in the spelling of your e-mail address, provided the domain name was spelled correctly.

How do I set up a catch-all alias?

First, you need to set up the use of your own domain name at as described in our FAQ. As soon as your domain name is actually recognized by the system you can create your own catch-all alias.

Before you continue, it is important to double-check that e-mails sent to a proper e-mail address with your own domain name actually appear in your inbox.
Second, log on to and open the “Settings” menu. There, click on “”, and then “E-Mail Aliases”. In the field “Add external address”, please enter your catch-all alias in a format like this: @yourdomain.tld (no leading asterisk)

What if there are multiple users within the same domain?

Multiple users may use e-mail addresses of the same domain as long as a separate security code has been stored at the DNS for each user. However, only one of these users may then create a catch-all alias.