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Tip - How can I setup an alias for iOS

Note: You can use a maximum of 3 aliases in the Light package. In the Standard package you can use up to 10 aliases and up to 25 aliases in the Premium package. If you are using your own domain with you can use 25 aliases in the Standard package, and 100 aliases in the Premium package.

If you have set up an alias with our service, you can also use this alias on your iPhone or iPad. Admittedly, we do not offer support for e-mail clients (there are simply too many and we do not develop this type of software), but this was a difficult challenge as the function was very well-hidden.

Note: These instructions apply only if you have set up your mailbox access as a ‘mail account’ using IMAP. However, if you also use ActiveSync for your e-mails, you will not be able to use aliases.

Setting up an alias in iOS

  • Open the settings and go to the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’ section.
  • Then select the account that you have set up.
  • Select ‘IMAP -> Account’
  • Click ‘E-mail’ under ‘IMAP Account Info’.
  • Select ‘Add another E-mail’ and enter your alias address
  • Press ‘Enter’ (on your keyboard) to confirm your entry
  • Check the box next to your alias address
  • Click ‘< Account’ at the top left-hand side
  • Your alias should now be entered as an e-mail address
  • Important: You must click ‘Done’ on the top right-hand side; otherwise, your changes will not be saved.

Now your alias will be used when you send an e-mail from your account.