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Setup with for MacOS X

How to set up your e-mail in the MacOS X

If you would like to access your e-mails using the on MacOS X, please follow the instructions below to set up your account:

  1. To start, open the System Preferences overview in MacOS X and then click on Internet Accounts.

Setup with MacOS X - Start

  1. A list of your online accounts will appear. Add an account and select the option Add a Mail account, then click on the button Create....

Setup with MacOS X - Create account

  1. A dialogue window will appear. There, please enter your name; then, an e-mail address to be used as the sender address of this account (which can be your address, or an alias); and your password. When finished, click the Create button.

Setup with MacOS X

  1. Now you may choose whether to create an IMAP inbox or a POP3 inbox. Consider which one you prefer as each protocol handles e-mails differently. When choosing IMAP, your e-mails will be kept on the mail server all the time, no matter how many clients you use to read them. Our IMAP mail server is When using POP3, every time e-mails are retrieved from the server they will be physically downloaded to the e-mail client and then deleted on the server. If you prefer this mode of operation, then the POP3 mail server to use is
    As a user name, you need to state your main e-mail address (an alias won't work here), as well as the password for your account. Click Next to continue.

Setup with MacOS X - IMAP account

  1. In the last step, you need to specify a server for the sending of e-mails (SMTP). For this, please enter, and then again your login credentials. These are the main e-mail address of your account as a user name (don't use an alias), and your account password.