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Is there a limit on the amount of e-mails that I can send from my account

It is a matter of fact that any e-mail provider offering anonymous registration will also attract spammers and other criminals, who can easily acquire free demo accounts or use stolen credit card or Paypal information to create fake paid-for accounts. uses a wide range of techniques to detect any possible abuse of our services. For example, we have measures in place to prevent both the automated creation of e-mail accounts as well as the sending of spam e-mails. Our use of these techniques is in the interest of all users because these measures protect the reputation of our mail relays, which in turn, makes sure that the messages sent by our users arrive at their destination reliably and without problems. At the same time, we are minimising the risk of these e-mails getting marked as junk or spam e-mail at the receiving end.

In practice, our systems perform a number of security checks before a message is actually sent out. The algorithms we use evaluate the probability of increased activity being either normal mail use, or spam. The more suspicious an activity appears, the more likely it is for the related account to be blocked. There are a number of criteria that influence the decision, such as the registration date of the account, or the average number of e-mails sent from that account in the past. For obvious reasons, we can't provide further details about the exact mechanisms and rules employed by our spam detection system.

As a result, there is no fixed amount of e-mails that any single account can send per day without getting blocked. However, here are some basic guidelines:

  • A private e-mail account can normally send up to 10.000 e-mails per day. Note that doing so may raise the attention of some of our protection measures so that there is a possibility for some users to be blocked after sending just 5000 e-mails per day, for example. As a minimum, and even if your profile activity is such that you normally send only a few messages per day, it should still be possible to send way more than 1.000 e-mails daily without any trouble. We think this volume is reasonable for covering normal private use.
  • For business accounts, there are entirely different rules. These users are not anonymous, which tremendously lowers the risk of any abuse by mass-emailing via demo- or fake-accounts. For this reason, business customers can usually send between 50.000 and 100.000 e-mails per day without triggering any security systems.
  • Any newly registered, free demo account can send between 10-20 e-mails per day, which we hope is enough for users who want to test the functionality of our services. The low limit is required to prevent abuse of these unverified accounts that have very little usage history. We would like thank all test users for their understanding.