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Exclude individual e-mails from automatic encryption

All customers can enable the automatic encryption of e-mail messages on the account settings page (Select the option “Inbox encryption”). Once a public key has been provided by the user, any incoming e-mail messages will be automatically encrypted. Users can either leave the default setting in place which encrypts all messages or specify additional rules that exclude certain messages from encryption.

After successfully activating the encrypted inbox option, select the option “e-mail Filter Rules” from the main settings page. Note that this option is only visible once you have enabled “Advanced Settings” by clicking the check box in the lower-left corner of application window. Unless there are any custom rules which were specified previously, only a single rule will be shown here, called “Inbox encryption”.

Exclude individual e-mails from encryption

In order to not encrypt certain e-mails you need to create a new filter rule and have it processed before the inbox encryption rule.

  1. Click the “Add new rule” button and specify sender, subject, or other available criteria as conditions to identify those messages which are NOT to be encrypted.
  2. Select “Keep” as the subsequent action for those messages which fulfill your conditions or, alternatively, select “Move to folder” to keep those messages in a place separate from your main inbox.
  3. Untick the check box which says “Process subsequent rules“.
  4. Click the “Save” button in the lower-right corner of the current pop-up window, and your rule should now be on the list of available rules, right below that named “Inbox encryption”.

Drag and drop your new rule to place it ABOVE the inbox encryption rule. Note that this can sometimes be a bit fiddly to do, so don’t give up too quickly if the rule won’t snap in to the correct place on your first attempt.

Since all enabled filters on the list will be processed in sequence from the top to the bottom, the new filter rule – once in the correct place – will be processed before the general inbox encryption process kicks in. Of course, users are free to create several different filter rules in this manner to exclude different kinds of e-mails from encryption.