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MS Outlook 2011 - no connection

Most of our complaints come from users who wish to use Outlook 2011 for Mac and are unable to connect to our IMAP or SMTP servers. The problem is that this version of Outlook still uses the RC4 encryption method, which is considered be broken and can therefore no longer be used. Everyone knows that when it comes to encrypted communication, it is no longer possible to use RC4 with a clear conscience.

This problem becomes a real game-changer because this version of Outlook relies solely on RC4. We cannot and will not use RC4 for security reasons. Any encryption system based on this method is not worthy of the name and it would be dishonest to give users a false sense of security.

Unfortunately, we can only recommend that you update to a newer, more secure e-mail program. It is simply not possible to ensure secure communications with Outlook 2011.

Heads up: A new version of Outlook for Mac is set to be released early in the year. However, it is not yet clear whether or not this version (finally ;-)) uses a secure encryption method.