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What are the differences between for business and for private users? Business

Our business customers use the infrastructure with their own domain name and receive a fully functional Online Office for all their staff. This includes features such address books, calendars, task management, cloud storage and online word processing and spreadsheet software. The cost is determined by a fixed monthly fee plus additional charges for the individual accounts booked that may vary. For a comprehensive assessment of your monthly costs, please see our Business Price Plan Calculator.

Business customers usually pay by Direct Debit or upon receipt of an invoice. Further, they can enter into a commissioned data processing agreement according to GDPR with us. This defines the legal data protection framework for any customer data that we need to process as part of our technical operations.

The administration of any day-to-day business is dealt with by the customer through a web-based administration interface. Staff accounts can be allocated to different contexts in order to group or keep separate individual clients, departments, branches etc. Within a single context, contacts are transparent through a global address book and users can share calendars and other data with their colleagues through the Online Office.

Whenever a technical issue arises our dedicated support team will address this with higher priority. Depending on the chosen price plan, support will also be available over the phone.

Please visit the following website for an overview of our business price plans:

Please note that the monthly fee comprises a fixed element plus any applicable charges for the individual mailbox accounts / features chosen. for private users

Our price plans for private customers require prepayment. Customers top up their account balance and a fixed fee is deducted from the balance every month. The fee amount is determined by the chosen price plan. Price plans differ mainly based on how much storage space they offer.

If they prefer, users can even register and pay for private e-mail accounts anonymously.

Find our price plans for private customers on this page, and check out our price planner for details:

Private customers may associate their own domain name with their account to send and receive e-mails through that domain. The procedure for setting up a account to work like this is explained step-by-step in another article in our knowledge base.

Like business customers, private users have access to our fully-featured Online Office, with calendars, address books, task lists, and the Drive (cloud storage). Users can share read-access to any of these components with other users, or even external persons who do not have a account

There is also a way for users to work together more closely. Team accounts are available in the Standard price plan (or higher) and allow up to 10 individual accounts to be managed together. This can be very useful for small groups of people such as families, students living in a shared house, hobby groups, and sports clubs.

Please make sure you follow the relevant instructions on how to set up a team account.

Private customers can choose from a variety of useful encryption facilities and also enable two-factor authentication for logins, if desired.

Although we are unable to offer support over the phone for private customers, we are always happy to respond to questions and help with any issues through our online customer support portal.

Special plans

For licensing reasons we are currently unable to offer any special price plans for registered societies, charities or NGOs.