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Setup other e-mail clients manually

We have configured our servers to enable current e-mail clients to automatically detect the required settings based on your e-mail address ( This means typically no manual setup is required.

E-mail & password for authentication

The login always consists of the following login data:

Your main e-mail address
Your password

Incoming mail server, ports and encryption

ProtocolServerPortConnection securityAuthentication methodhode
IMAPimap.mailbox.org993SSL/TLSYour password
POP3pop3.mailbox.org995SSL/TLSYour password

Outgoing mail server, ports und encryption

ProtocolServerPortConnection securityAuthentifizierungsmethode
SMTPsmtp.mailbox.org465SSL/TLSYour password
SMTP (alternativ)smtp.mailbox.org587STARTTLSYour password