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Refer a friend

Any user with a paid-up account can invite their friends and relatives to join – just visit your account settings page. As a benefit, new customers who were referred by existing users receive 3 months’ worth free credit for the basic „Secure Mail“ price plan. The following article gives an overview about some basic facts and answers frequently-asked questions.

screenshot - refer a friend

How many people can I invite to join

You may invite up to five people at a time, with a maximum total of 20 referrals per account.

How long before an invitation expires?

Invitations are valid for one month. Once expired, the invitation slot becomes available again and another invitation can be sent.

Will I get informed if an invitation I sent has been accepted?

No. The referral process has been deliberately designed this way. For privacy and data protection reasons, the referrer is not told if their invitation was accepted. This is also why invitations will always expire after one month, irrespective of whether the invited person has created an account with us.

Why is it necessary for a newly referred user to top up their account before they can receive the bonus credit?

We will apply a bonus credit of 3 EUR to any referred account, which is sufficient for using for 3 months (Secure Mail price plan). However, we also have a duty to protect our users from those who abuse the referral system. The fact that permits anonymous use also attracts spammers and scammers, who then try to send malicious e-mails or spam through our mail service. Just imagine what would happen if we accepted an unlimited number of referrals and applied bonus credit without the requirement to top up beforehand! Spammers would be enabled to create tens of thousands of accounts automatically through self-referral, and this would affect our systems and come with severe consequences for the availability of our services.

As a safety measure, only valid and paid-up accounts can invite new users, and the number of invitations per account is limited. If the referred person creates an account, they need to top up their account balance with a payment of their own before we can apply the non-refundable bonus credit of 3 EUR.

Why dont referrers get any bonus credit?

We have had extensive discussions within our team about if and how we could possibly reward those who actively help us acquire new users. We eventually settled on the position that we would rather not want users to send out large numbers of invites just for the benefit of gaining a few Euros in bonus credit. Referrals should reflect honest recommendations and be made out of conviction, and not for personal gain.