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Features of our Jabber server

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

We offer a secure Jabber service to all customers. The server offers state-of-the-art security features like DANE/TLSA. You may check the server with the IM Repository TLS Test.

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Features of our Jabber/XMPP server:

  • Service Discovery (XEP-0030)
  • Carbons (XEP-0280)
  • Client State Indication (XEP-0352)
  • Stream Management (XEP-0198)
  • Push Notifications (XEP-0357)
  • Blocking (XEP-0191)
  • Muli-User Chat (XEP-0045)
  • Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)
  • HTTP File Upload (XEP-0363)
  • SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065)
  • Filetransfer proxy:, Port: 5000
  • Tor Hidden Service address: kqiafglit242fygz.onion port 5222

Please note:

Unfortunately, we lack the manpower to deliver individual customer support for the Jabber service during the test run. Our team is working at full capacity. Still, we prefer to offer our customers access to the Jabber service during the test run, rather than shut it down temporarily.

Note that problems with the Jabber service are almost always related to the software used at the client side, and less so to the server itself. If you have any technical queries or questions about how to use Jabber, please consult the support offered with your specific Jabber software product.