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E-mail recovery

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available for free in all packages except the Light package. In the Light package e-mail recovery is available for a fee . will frequently back up mail server data for technical purposes. We are happy to provide access to these e-mail-backups in case you need to restore your inbox but missed to create your own backup beforehand.

This is a voluntary service of, which is free of charge but comes with absolutely no guarantee whatsoever for these backups to exist, to be available to the user, or to be free of errors. Please refer to §11(2) of our General terms and conditions.

You can find the recovery option via Settings → → E-mail recovery

Important: Please make sure your mailbox has sufficient free storage capacity (Quota) for backups. If you have insufficient storage space, restoring your data from a previous backup might fail or, you may experience difficulties receiving e-mails. If you need more storage space, please get rid of data no longer needed or consider adjusting your tariff.

Restoring a large inbox may take up to an hour. Please refrain from starting several data recovery processes in parallel.

Any restored data will be placed in a separate folder called BACKUP-<date>-<date>. Any e-mails in existing folders will not be overwritten. After data recovery has finished, it's best to move any desired messages to their respective folders and then subsequently delete the backup folder to free up space.

Please note that restoring e-mails might require a restart of your mail client software in order for changes to folder contents to be recognized. Please also note that newly created folders may need to be synced to mobile devices, which may cause traffic on your mobile internet connection.