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How to set up a catch-all alias with a custom domain name

If you are using with a custom domain name, it is possible to set up a so-called catch-all filter. That means all e-mails sent to the domain will be received at a “catch-all” alias address, even if the particular e-mail or alias used by the sender does not actually exist on the server.

More spam but also more convenient

Even though using a catch-all alias can lead to more spam being received, there are scenarios where a catch-all may be really useful. With the feature enabled, it is possible to use many individual e-mail addresses in the communication with friends but also vendors on the Internet, for example, and then apply filter rules to sort any incoming e-mails for these addresses without having to create all the different aliases first. Furthermore, this makes it easy to track if someone you communicate with may have passed on the address that you gave them to another party.

How to set up a catch-all alias

Catch-all aliases for multiple users

If there are several users set up under the same domain, then the mail server will first deliver to e-mail addresses and aliases that actually exist on the server. All remaining e-mails that could not be allocated otherwise will then be received by the catch-all inbox, i.e. the account which was used to create the catch-all alias.