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Drive Mail - Don't send large attachments – use hyperlinks instead

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

All users can send e-mail attachments up to 100 MByte total file size. However, with large attachments there is always a risk – you never know if the recipient has sufficient storage space in their inbox, or if their e-mail provider permits the receiving of large attachments at all. For this reason, we offer the „Drive Mail“ feature, which is an excellent alternative to sending files directly as an attachment.
Important: Please make sure you have sufficient storage capacity in your Drive. Whenever a file is sent by Drive Mail, a copy of that file will be stored in your „Drive Mail“ folder, which requires additional storage space.
If a user wants to add an attachment to an e-mail, they will click on the paperclip symbol to upload a file as an attachment, or add a file that is already sitting on their Drive. Now, it is possible to enable an additional option called „Use Drive Mail“ after attaching a file. Doing so will create a copy of the relevant file on the Drive and generate a hyperlink that is embedded in your e-mail text.

The link will allow the recipient to download the file directly from the copy that is now present on your Drive storage. The link can be password-protected, if necessary, and users can also set an expiry date for the link:

Any e-mails that had attachments sent via „Drive Mail“ will have a small cloud symbol next to them in the list of e-mails in your „Sent items“ folder at