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FAQ about using e-mail addresses with a custom domain name

I haven’t registered a custom domain name yet. Can I do this through

No, you cannot register a domain name through us. Doing so would prevent the anonymous use of because a domain registration requires the new owner to provide some personal information, such as an address. Another aspect is that our service operates on a pre-payment basis. If we did the registration for our users, then there would be an increased risk that domains get unregistered inadvertently, just because a user may have forgotten to top up their account balance and extend their contract. That is why we think it’s better to keep the domain registration part separate from our services.

I don’t really know what DNS is and how to configure the settings for it.

Using our e-mail service with custom domain names requires basic technical knowledge about Internet domains and how these relate to the DNS. You can obtain your own domain name from a registrar of your choice, or from another Internet provider, who you can also contact for support. Before you do, have a look at our knowledge base first.

Can I remove my domain name from in the future if I ever wanted to?

Yes, you may change your domain configuration at any time. If you are moving your e-mail addresses to another provider, simply change the MX records for your domain to enter the information required for your new provider. Also, don’t forget to delete from your account any e-mail aliases you may have created with us.

Can I have catch-all addresses when using with a custom domain name?

Yes, you can. Find more details in the following article about catch-all addresses with a custom domain name.

Is the number of e-mail addresses that I can create limited?

Yes. Aliases created with your own domain name will be treated just like any other aliases. The maximum number of aliases you can create depends on your price plan. For details, check out our price plans overview page. Here is a quick overview:

  • PREMIUM-Plan: 250 Aliases with custom domains
  • STANDARD-Plan: 50 Aliases with custom domains
  • LIGHT-Plan: Aliases with custom domains only available within Team-Accounts

Note that the specific aliases postmaster@, abuse@, hostmaster@, and webmaster@ are free and will not count towards your allowance. However, if you would like to create those, make sure you do so before you exhaust the maximum number of aliases allowed for your account.