External calendars and task lists can be managed in the KOrganizer settings, under the section General and the tab Calendars. Click the Add... button to embed your calendars from the mailbox.org Office.

Configure KOrganizer

A dialogue window will appear. Select the option DAV groupware resource and confirm with a click on OK.

KOrganizer DAV groupware resource

Enter your main mailbox.org e-mail address as a user name (Do not use an alias address!) and also your login password. Then, click Next >. The login credentials will be saved in the KWallet. You may need to enter your master password for the digital wallet to confirm your entries.

DAV groupware configuration wizard

In the next step, you need to configure the groupware resource. Select the option Configure the resource manually and click on Finish.

Enter a descriptive display name of your choice for the groupware resource and click on the button Add to link your calendars from the mailbox.org Office to this resource.

DAV groupware resource

Another dialogue window will appear. There, select CalDAV as remote calendar access protocol and https://dav.mailbox.org as remote calendar address. Click the button Fetch afterwards to retrieve the available calendars and task lists. Complete setup with a click on OK.

DAV groupware resource

All your calendars and task lists from the mailbox.org Office will now be available in KOrganizer. You can now select different colours for visualisation and manage your appointments directly in KOrganizer.

Calendar KOrganizer