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Direct Debit Payment

At, you have the convenient option to pay for your service via direct debit. Direct debit, also known as automatic debit authorization, allows you to automatically deduct payments from your bank account without the need for manual intervention on a regular basis. This eliminates the risk of your account being blocked. Direct debit is available to you if you have already made a payment using a different method, such as bank transfer, PayPal, or cash.

Make sure you have created an account with and are logged in. Navigate to Settings | | Add Credit. (Fig. 1)

Figure 1: Navigate to Add Credit to your balance to select the Direct Debit option.

Now select Direct Debit (1). This option allows you to link your bank account for automatic debiting.

Figure 2: Please select Direct Debit.

Next, choose a payment interval. Enter the required bank details, such as IBAN and BIC, in the respective fields. Make sure the entered information is correct. (Fig. 3)

Figure 3: Here you can enter your bank details and determine the payment interval.

Confirm the Direct Debit Agreement (2), the Terms and Conditions (3), and the Revocation Expiration (4). Carefully read the conditions and confirm your consent by clicking Save Direct Debit Authorization (5). (Fig. 4)

Figure 4: Confirm the agreements and save the changes.

If the bank details are incorrect, you will be notified (6). (Fig. 5)

Figure 5: This message appears when the bank details are invalid.

If the input was valid, you will immediately receive the invoice via email. The debit will then be performed from the specified bank account according to the set interval.

Additionally, you will receive a reminder from directly in your mailbox 14 and 7 days before the due date of the direct debit, so you can ensure sufficient funds in your account.

Debit Returns

Attention: If we are unable to debit the amount for an authorized direct debit, a debit return will be initiated. In this case, please contact our support immediately, as your account may be blocked otherwise!

Please ensure that your bank account supports the option for payment via direct debit and follow all necessary steps according to the instructions on the platform. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact our helpdesk directly.