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OX Drive Client on Mac, PC, and Smartphones

What does Drive Client have to offer?

With the OX Drive application, you can integrate and synchronize your cloud files into the native file system of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Simply follow this guide to do so. Alternatively, and especially interesting for Linux users, you can also use the WebDAV protocol for this purpose. Just follow either the "Drive with Linux Clients" guide or the "WebDAV on Windows" guide.

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

Where can I download Drive Client?

Download links

The OX Drive client is currently available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and can be conveniently installed through a menu in the webmail system (Figure 1). You can also directly download and install the software via the following links:

OX Drive client for macOS: Download from the Mac App Store
OX Drive client for iPhone and iPad (iOS): Download from the iOS App Store
OX Drive client for Android devices: Download from the Google Play Store
Google-free and alternative Android devices can obtain the OX Drive client anonymously through the Aurora Store, which must be installed via F-Droid:

How can I download the client from within the webmailer?

OX Drive Client is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS systems.
If you are working with Linux, WebDAV allows you to access data directly, meaning you don’t need Drive Client.

The Drive Client can be easily installed after logging in to the online office.
Click on the round button on the top right and then select "Connect your Device".

Then choose your operating system (macOS, Android or Windows) and click on "Drive Application" and then on "Download" below.

How do I configure Drive Client?

This is extremely easy. Simply launch Drive Client on your device, and you will be guided step-by-step through the process. Enter the following access data for your Drive:

How to log in

Server URL:
User name: your main e-mail (for example
Password: your password

Drive Client konfiguration Drive Client configuration Step 2

You will be asked during setup if you want to sync all or only certain files with your device and if you want to activate the Photostream function. If Photostream is enabled, all snapshots will from this point on be immediately stored on your Drive (as soon as a network connection is available). You can change these settings at any time in the future.

Note: Downloading Drive Client will use up a fair amount of data on your data plan. Depending on your data plan, this may involve additional fees or charges from your mobile communications provider. Alternatively, you can also a Wi-Fi connection.

Notes on Photostream: Once you have enabled this feature, you may at first not be able to locate the photos on your Drive. They are ‘hidden’ in the ‘Photostream’ subfolder and you may need to expand the folder structure to find them.

Notes on iOS: Photostream is currently not working with iOS.