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CalDAV - CardDAV for Outlook - CalDav Synchronizer

Another way to synchronize your calendars and contacts is using the free plugin CalDav Synchronizer.

You can download it directly here:

After installation a new ribbon "CalDav Synchronizer" becomes available in Outlook. Please choose "Synchronization Profiles" to add a new profile.

Click on marked symbol to define the new profiles.

Choose "" afterwards:

Proceed with the configuration...

1: First, type in Your main address.2: Then check "Use IMAP/Pop3 account password".
Click the buttons number 3 and 4 in that order.

Do the next steps for every tab:

Click onto the three dots for the ressource, You want to synchronize. Assign it to an appropriate folder or create one:

Check, that You did not forget something and click "OK":