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Setup the Jabber client Adium on OS X

Note: The features mentioned in this article are available in all packages except the Light package.

Please note that we are running Jabber for public testing only. Our customer service is currently unable to provide any individual support for Jabber. For more information, refer to the notes on our Jabber server test run and available support.

For customers who use OS X, we recommend Adium as a suitable Jabber client. This software is based on the same basic code as Pidgin (also recommended), however the former has been directly developed and adapted for OS X.

In order to install Adium, download the package and execute the *.dmg file in OS X. When asked to choose “Applications” or “Adium”, pick “Adium”. Further, confirm Internet access for the software. You will also be asked whether Adium may access your contact list, which you should allow.

A pop-up window will open, named “Installation Assistent” or “Adium Setup Assistant”. In this window, click “Continue” and look for a drop-down field labeled “Service”. There, select the entry “XMPP (Jabber)”. Enter your full user name (your main e-mail address) in the field “Jabber ID”. Now click on “Next” to enter your password. Once everything is ready, Adium will try to connect and log in to our Jabber server using the credentials you have provided. Note that all connections to our server are automatically transport-encrypted via SSL/TLS.

What about end-to-end encryption?

For all Jabber-related communication, we recommend using Off-the-Record-Encryption (OTR) to facilitate an effective end-to-end encryption. OTR works similar to PGP in that your communication will be entirely encrypted and apart from yourself, no-one else – including us at – can read the data.

Start Adium and open the applications menu (In the upper left corner of the screen, next to the Apple symbol). From the menu, select „Preferences” and then click on the cog wheel symbol on the right. Now, select “Encryption” from the bar on the left. Finally, select your account and generate an OTR key.