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Create and Edit Documents with Etherpad

Create and access Documents

Log in to your launch Etherpad via the "Icon" (1) and either create a new document by entering a "Pad Name" (2) or open an existing document by clicking on the "Document Link" (3). You can share this link with potential collaborators at any time (Figure1).

Figure 1: Create and access documents with Etherpad.

Collaborative Editing

Basically, the editor offers you all the freedom you would expect from a text editor. In addition, everyone with access to the document can participate and edit simultaneously. Your "Input" (3) will be distinguished by color, to provide a quick overview. You can use the onboard "Chat" (4) to communicate with the other participants at any time and also access a "List of the Participants" (5) as well as their respective colors. In addition to the most common formatting options, Etherpad offers the following "Additional Tools" (6) (Figure 2):

  • Leave Comments
  • Print the document
  • Import & export to and from different file formats
  • Access the documents history
  • Save the current version of the document
  • Pad-Settings
  • Share or embed the document

Figure 2: The editor offers basic text formatting options as well as some additional features for collaborative editing.


Additional settings for editing and communication can be found in the submenu "Pad-Settings" (7) (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Find additional settings in the submenu "Pad-Settings".