Users can install the browser add-on Mailvelope in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and then use it with the Office. Doing so has a number of advantages:

At the same time, we need to point out some of the risks that come with using the Mailvelope add-on. Please take note of the following security warnings:

Our perspective is that while Mailvelope is certainly easy to use and does the job, it is unfortunately not suitable a tool for secure environments.

Installing Mailvelope

To use Mailvelope with the Office, simply install the add-on in your browser. Users of Mozilla Firefox should make sure to also install the NoScript add-on for improved security. The latest version of Mailvelope has been pre-configured to work with without requiring any further configuration steps.

Enabling Mailvelope Support

After completing the Mailvelope add-on configuration, log in to and go to Settings - - PGP in Webmailer to set up and activate the Guard and OpenPGP encryption. When asked to select a security solution pick the option Mailvelope. Weh done, configure the Add-On itself.

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