If you like mailbox.org, go to ‘Settings (hidden behind the round icon with your initiales at the upper right) -> mailbox.org -> Contract and Fees’ and select the package that’s right for you. You can then transfer a suitable amount for the choosen plan under ‘Settings -> mailbox.org -> Add Credit to Your Balance’. You can pay using the following payment options:

before you can pay, you will asked to set up a method for password recovery. You can skip this, if you do not want to provide more data in favour of more anonymity. If you do this, we cannot help, if you loose your password.

You can pay via item number 2.

We can verify your payment within one hour and activate your mailbox immediately for PayPal, Bitcoin, Sofortüberweisung and paydirekt payments. Other forms of payment will naturally take longer.

After selected a payment option you will get a field to enter the amount of money.

Please transfer only that amount of money you want to use up. A refund is not possible.

If you pay by bank transfer, please take care of the correct IBAN number. It contains your personal customers number and we use it to assign the payment to your account. The field "purpuse of payment" is not nessessary, because we do not use it.

Klick ‘Pay now with …’ (If it looks as if nothing happened, scroll down. Maybe, you need to deactivate browser add-ons like NoScript)

This will create your invoice and you’ll see another new button saying e.g ‘Pay now via PayPal’ or ‘Pay now via Bitpay’. By clicking this pay button you will redirected to the web page of the payment provider (PayPal or Bitpay for Bitcoin payments). On this websites you can finish the payment process.

You can activate the desired package once you have added credit to your balance.

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