To set up external e-mail addresses to send 

You can also use to send with external addresses that are not hosted by us. Please note the following:

If a very restrictive SPF record is set for the sending domain, there may be problems with the delivery of e-mails sent this way.
More information can be found at this article (in German): SPF / DKIM-Vortrag by P. Heinlein.

To set up sending via an external address, please do the following:

Click on your initials in the upper right corner.

Select "Settings - - Alternative Sender". Enter your external e-mail address under (3) and select "Send activation link".

You will receive an activation link by e-mail. For security reasons, this link has a time limit and must be used within 15 minutes - otherwise it expires.

Now you can use your external e-mail address as sender in our web frontend.

Of course you can also integrate your external mailboxes via IMAP at This allows sending and receiving with these email addresses.
In this case you may not use the above method "Alternative sender" for the external e-mail address.
The problem mentioned above with SPF does not exist with this variant.

How to integrate external accounts via IMAP/SMTP

Go directly to your e-mail account and click on "Add email account". Now select "Google" if it is an account there, for all other providers please select "Other".

Enter your username and password in the following dialog. All other settings should be recognized automatically. If everything worked out, you will now see your external account under your folders on the left.

Please note that accounts included in this way will not be synchronized if you set up your mailbox on external devices.

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