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External e-mail accounts from other providers can be integrated in our cloud office via IMAP. Those e-mails can then be accessed from within the mailbox.org web interface, which means you can read and also send e-mails through the external account using the mailbox.org cloud office. However, it is required that your external e-mail provider allows access to their servers via IMAP and SMTP (which most of them do).

Please note that there are some common problems with external e-mail integration:

  1. Some providers may not allow access to e-mail via IMAP, in particular for those accounts offered free of charge. For this technical reason, it is not possible to integrate these kinds of accounts into the mailbox.org cloud office.  -- In other cases you have to ask the provider first to allow access to e-mail via IMAP, only after this it is possible to integrate these accounts into mailbox.org.
  2. We are aware that Google servers tend to block access attempts made from within the cloud office environment by default. Please consult the corresponding article in our FAQ to find out how to enable access to Google accounts. 

Step-by-step: Integrate your external e-mail account

After logging on to mailbox.org in the browser, go to Mail → Add mail account. There, you can add and manage external e-mail accounts. To add an account, simply click the button in the upper-right corner and select Email Account from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your external e-mail address and corresponding password. If you click “Add”, the application will attempt to automatically determine the required IMAP and SMTP settings for your provider (alternatively, click on “Manual” to enter the configuration settings by hand). After you added the account, the external password will be encrypted before it is stored on our servers, and so protected from unauthorised access.

When you go back to your e-mail overview page, you will see the new account as a folder among your other e-mail accounts. When composing new mail, you can now also select the external e-mail address as the sender, if desired.