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  1.   Export your Gmail data.
  2.   Create an e-mail forwarding rule for your Gmail inbox to relay all messages to automatically. Optionally, also create an auto-responder message to inform  senders of your new address.
  3.   Import your data to
  4.   Inform your friends and associates about your new e-mail address.
  5.   Respond to forwarded e-mails from your Gmail account with your new address.
  6.   Systematically remove your Gmail address from online services and replace it with your address or special aliases.
  7.   After a while, ask Google to delete all your data in accordance with German general data protection regulations (GDPR/DSGVO).
  8.  Heads-up for those who use Google 2-Step-Verification.

1. Export your Gmail data


You should allow a bit of time for the transition from Gmail to Once you are confident everything works fine, you can ask Google to delete all data they have stored about you. Click on the following link to start this process:
Please make sure to read carefully the information provided by Google about the deletion process.

8. Heads-up for those who use Google 2-Step-Verification.

If you use this functionality, you should set up a set up an app password.

You can do so by clicking on "Google Account", then "Security" on the left. On the right click on "App Passwords".
The name for the platform may be chosen freely. The type of service would be "e-mail".

Have fun with!