Why does mailbox.org update their price plans?

For over 8 years, we have been providing a secure and privacy-focused communication platform with our own data centers in Germany and an extensive range of features. Since our inception, we have continuously expanded and improved our services, most recently with the introduction of the OpenTalk video conferencing solution. We are delighted that you have been using mailbox.org for some time now and we sincerely appreciate your trust in our services.

Due to the global economic climate, we have not been immune to the steadily rising costs for hardware acquisitions, data center energy, and fair wages, which we can no longer fully absorb on your behalf. As a result, our pricing structure will undergo a final change. This article will provide you with information about your options and how the transition process works, and will answers the most important questions.

Price plan updates at a glance

At a Glance

Key information at a glance:

  • mailbox.org is adjusting its pricing structure.
  • The old plans (Mail, MailXL, MailXXL, MailXXXL, Office, OfficeXL, OfficeXXL & OfficeXXXL) will be discontinued.
  • Until May 25, 2023, you are elegible to receive a bonus, if you decide to switch to one of our new plans. You have the option of choosing a 2 months credit of your new plan or 6 months of free usage of "contentpass" valued at approximately 18 Euros.
  • You can choose between PREMIUM, STANDARD, or LIGHT plans, which have already been introduced in 2021.
  • New payments for customers on the old plans are limited or no longer possible.

Which plans are affected by the change?

Affected by the transition are all mailboxes in the following legacy plans:

  • Mail
  • MailXL
  • MailXXL
  • MailXXXL
  • Office
  • OfficeXL
  • OfficeXXL
  • OfficeXXXL

These rates will no longer be offered by us. Customers who remain on any of the listed legacy rates, have the option to switch to one of our current plans (LIGHT, STANDARD, and PREMIUM) at any time.

Our bonus-offer for switching plans valid until May 25, 2023

We would like to make it easier for you to switch to our PREMIUM or STANDARD plans: Until May 25th, 2023, when changing your plan, you can choose between

  • a one-time mailbox.org credit of 2 months in your current plan or
  • 6 months of free usage of "contentpass", valued at approximately 18 Euros (no payment information required, no automatic renewal).

In collaboration with our long-standing friends at contentpass, also based in Berlin, you can access over 200 editorial websites without ad banners and without personalized tracking.

Additionally, when you make a one-time annual payment for our STANDARD and PREMIUM plans, we will gift you two free months ("pay for 10, receive 12 months") - this corresponds to about 15% discount.

Where can I find information regarding the new plans

Here is a quick overview about our most recent plans. More details about the plans, additional services and the pricing can be found here: https://mailbox.org/en/services

What do I have to do? What are possible deadlines?

For customers who are still using one of these soon to be deprecated plans, a manual switch is necessary. Depositing funds into the old plans is only possible to a limited extent and for a maximum of 3 months.

  • customers with less than 4 weeks remaining on their current plan have the possibility for a final one-time deposit until May 11, 2023 (for a maximum of 3 months worth of runtime)
  • customers with more than 4 weeks remaining on their current plan can no longer deposit funds

More details can be found in the next section.

Which plans do you recommend?

Your current planRuntimeOur recommendationOne-time deposit
Mail - without own domain(s)less than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or LIGHT
Mail - without own domain(s)more than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or LIGHT
Mail - with own domain(s)less than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or PREMIUM
Mail - with own domain(s)more than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or PREMIUM
MailXLless than 4 Weeks leftPREMIUM or STANDARD
MailXLmore than 4 Weeks leftPREMIUM or STANDARD
MailXXL to OfficeXXXLless than 4 Weeks leftPREMIUM
MailXXL to OfficeXXXLmore than 4 Weeks leftPREMIUM
Team-Accounts with shared invoicingless than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or LIGHT
Team-Accounts with shared invoicingmore than 4 Weeks leftSTANDARD or LIGHT

How do I switch plans?

You can change your plan at any time in the mailbox.org settings under mailbox.org | My Account | Contract and Fees. Once you have found a suitable plan, you can select and confirm it during your next login to our web portal or later in the mailbox.org settings.

What happens to Team-Accounts with shared invoicing?

As a team owner, you can conveniently make the plan change for your entire team. When making a plan change, you will receive an overview of all team accounts and their plan options. If you change the plans for your team, you will receive a bonus of 2 months for each member switching to the PREMIUM or STANDARD plan, if you decide to switch until May 25, 2023. We do not offer split options (for some mailboxes you may want to choose contentpass, for others the 2 months bonus).

How can I switch to annual payment?

Annnual payment provides the advantage of a discount. If this option does not appear in your settings after switching plans, please log out once and log in again.

Then go to "Settings | mailbox.org | My Account | Add Credit to your Balance" and select "12 months = 30 € instead of 36 €" in the drop-down menu, right below your desired payment method (e.g., bank transfer).

Annual Payment

At present, we do not yet offer direct debit. So you need to take action yourself and deposit again before your contract term expires. We will remind you in good time, but we also recommend that you set a reminder. As things can always come up, it's best to pay again a few months before the contract term expires to prevent data loss. This offer does not apply to credit that you bring over from the old contract, but only to new deposits. Also, the desired months (12 or 24) must be paid at once so that our system can automatically grant the free bonus months.