Please take note of the instructions on how to set up family accounts first. As soon as at least two accounts exist within a family group, their users may share calendars, files, tasks, and contacts with each other.

How to share data in general

All data which can be shared through your family account is organized in folders. This includes the address book, calendar, file storage, and task lists. In order to share a folder with one or more of your group members, click on the menu symbol displayed next to the item you would like to share and select “Permissions”. Type the name of a family group member in the window that opens now and a list of suggestions will be displayed. You should then select the correct user and set the specific access permissions this user will receive in regards to your data. Once finished, an open padlock symbol will appear next to the folder to indicate its status as a shared item.

IMPORTANT: Note that the “Share” button which is also available in many views is used to create a public share which everyone on the Internet can access! Make sure you do not mix up sharing items within your group (via the setting of “permissions”) with publicly sharing items (clicking on “Share”).

How to share tasks

It is usually best to create a new folder containing a specific set of tasks to be shared. Once the folder has been shared with other users in your family group, they will instantly see any changes to the elements in this folder. In other words, if you create a new task within the shared folder, your respective group members will see it within their task page and be able to edit or delete this task, provided you have given them appropriate permissions to do so. In addition, those users will also receive an e-mail notifying them of items that you shared with them, and any new tasks created.

How to share folders and files

Although it is possible to share individual files in various ways (such as by sending an e-mail link), it may be easier to create separate folders containing the files to be shared within your group of family accounts. Share the folders with your group members by setting the desired access permissions for each, as usual. The shared items will then be displayed on the other users’ Drive page, ordered by owner name.

How to share calendar data

As calendars are also organized within folders, sharing them is really easy. Set the permissions for any user from your group that you would like to share a calendar with. Calendars which other users have shared with you will be displayed on the left-hand side, ordered by calendar and user names. You may create various calendars to share with different people, if you like, or you could have a calendar just for yourself in addition to your shared calendars.

After creating a new appointment, the selected participants will be informed via e-mail (unless you untick the e-mail option). Once a participant has confirmed attendance, the appointment will be automatically added to their calendar as well. In any case, the user who invited all the others will be notified via e-mail about their attendance status and the calendar entry be updated accordingly.