Many customers have linked e-mail accounts from other providers to our mailbox.org Web interface.

Some customers then also expect e-mails from external e-mail addresses to appear on other devices on which a mailbox.org account has been set up. But it does not work that way. Let us explain why.

Think about our mailbox.org Web interface as an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. You have set up several e-mail addresses and the mailbox.org address has been configured by default.

If you now want to link additional external e-mail addresses, mailbox.org will access these addresses for you and display them in the Web interface. Nevertheless, the e-mails are still with the external e-mail provider. We only display them like an e-mail client.

If you now take your smartphone and use it to access your mailbox.org e-mails, only the mailbox.org e-mails will be accessed but not the e-mails that mailbox.org accesses from other addresses and only displays online.

If you want to manage all of your external addresses with mailbox.org, you need to set up forwarding from each external e-mail address so that these e-mails are redirected straight to your mailbox.org address. Your other e-mail provider will be happy to explain how to set up this forwarding function. Every e-mail provider has different user interfaces and methods for doing so. We therefore cannot provide a general tutorial on this subject.