What are team accounts?

Team accounts (old: Family Mail accounts) are basically ordinary mailbox.org accounts that have special groupware features enabled. An account holder may create additional mailbox.org accounts in order to establish a closed user group with other people. The members of such a group may then share access to their individual calendars, contacts, files, and task lists with each other. In addition, it is also possible to create dedicated shared calendars, contacts, etc. which are accessible for the entire group.

Note that up to 10 accounts may form a single group in this way.

How much does a Team Mail account cost?

Team Mail accounts do not incur any extra cost but do require customers to have a qualifying mailbox.org subscription. The Team Mail account option is included in the 5 GB mail storage tariff or any higher-priced tariffs.

Because of licensing restrictions, Team Mail accounts are not available to customers who have a basic 1 € subscription. In order for these customers to access family account features, they must upgrade their subscription first.

How to set up Team Mail accounts

Every customer with a qualifying subscription may create up to 9 additional accounts to be grouped with their account, which enables additional features for the sharing of calendars, files, tasks, and contacts. For technical reasons, it is necessary that these accounts be created within the context of the existing account (otherwise they won’t belong to the same group).

Despite the grouping, all accounts created in this way will be treated as separate mailbox.org accounts, retaining their own e-mail inbox, tariff, and credit management. The account which was used to create other family accounts does not gain any additional administrative rights.

Step 1

After logging on, click on the little menu icon in the upper-right part of the main page and then on “Settings” in order to access the account administration page. Make sure the menu option “mailbox.org” has been selected upon page load, and then click “Family Account”. Fill in the registration form to create a new account within your family group and submit. All accounts created through this page may now share data with each other.

Step 2

After a family account has been set up according to Step 1, its user can log in instantly using the mailbox.org e-mail address and password chosen. If the user had their initial credentials chosen by someone else (usually the account holder of the creating account), they should change their password immediately after first log-in.

Family accounts will be automatically set to the cheapest eligible tariff (5 GB mail storage) and users may try all available features for 30 days, free of charge. Note that the amount of individual storage space available will be limited until the account has been credited with funds for the first time.

Since a basic 1 € subscription does not qualify as a Team Mail account for licensing reasons, it is not possible to downgrade an existing Team Mail account to this particular package.