You can sync your address book and calendars with your mobile device using ActiveSync or using CalDAV and CardDAV. Here we describe the process of syncing your information with ActiveSync for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Setting up access

Go to Settings on your iOS device and set up an ‘Exchange’ account. Enter you access data in the fields available:

  • E-mail: Your e-mail address (for example,
  • Domain:
  • User name: Local portion of your e-mail address (for example, john.doe)
  • Server name:

You can specify the time period for which you would like to sync past e-mails in the settings of the new Exchange account. Select ‘1 month’ or less as the maximum value. If you wish to transfer older e-mails to your mobile device, we recommend using IMAP instead of ActiveSync.

You can select which data you wish to synchronize once you have entered and confirmed all of the necessary information. Now you can get started!

Setup ActiveSync with iOS - Step 1

Setup ActiveSync with iOS - Step 2

Setup ActiveSync with iOS - Step 3

Setup ActiveSync with iOS - Step 4